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            Multi - formula can dissolve rubber cartridge, quickly remove plugging Fully decomposed bridge plug rubber barrel is made of high strength soluble magnesium alloy, our company's special formula, the dissolution time is effectively controlled, and the dissolution speed can be changed according to customer requirements Special high strength composite anchor ......
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          Fujian KUNFU STOCK was established in 2012, investment in the construction of a magnesium alloy industrial park total investment of 2.447 billion yuan, covers an area of 1481 More>>

          Fujian kun fu co., LTD. Since founded in Shi Bingjun as the core of the senior leadership, always adhere to and carry forward the "kun thick slide, sincere person first" concept, in the creation profit and responsible to the shareholders’ interests at the same time, undertake to employees, and the social and environmental social responsibility
          Fujian kunfu co., LTD., founded in 2012, is a group company integrating original magnesium smelting, semi-finished magnesium alloy production and deep processing of magnesium alloy finished products.
          Became a member of fujian chamber of commerce in 2012;
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